Why do men and women like to date at night?

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  There is an American writer who tells how he fell in love for the first time in college.
  He has his eye on a particularly artistic girl. The girl plays the piano very well and is very beautiful. She is recognized as a beauty in the school. So he wrote her a love letter, boldly exposed his heart to her, and invited her to meet at noon the next day at a restaurant outside the school, invited her to dinner.

  The next day at twelve o'clock, the sun was shining, the girl was punctual, and the writer was waiting gracefully.
  Instead, the perfectly choreographed date ended in silence and awkwardness, and the couple left with regrets. It was an unsuccessful date, and there was almost no chemistry between him and her, only Hesitantly, uninspired conversation. What's going on here?
  The writer later recalled that, under the intense stimulation of the light, the expressions of the two people could read each other clearly, and they could even read each other's psychology through their eyes as if they had become invisible people, and their desires were about to be completely exposed. It was very uncomfortable, as if I had been skinned, and there was nothing romantic about it. In such a situation, you can't even eat properly, not to mention show your heart.
  The writer reflected on his recklessness, wrote a new letter to the girl, apologized to her for the haste of the first date and the failure of the atmosphere, and then solemnly invited her to watch a newly released art film on Saturday night. The girl agreed.
  They had a very pleasant evening. Sitting side by side in the dark, hazy back seat, they felt an irresistible attraction to each other. It was so natural when the writer took her hand, and the distance between them grew closer and closer until she leaned on his shoulder like any other lover nearby. After coming out of the cinema, they went to have supper together again. It wasn't long before a relationship was established.
  Talking about his two successful and unsuccessful dates, the writer mentioned the role of"darkness"."It was a wonderful state," he said."My heart was beating like a fish in a cool sea, eager to get closer to her. She felt the same way. We completely closed the gap and talked about everything. And I find her beautiful in the dark, more charming than by day!"
  From the author's narration, we can see that there are psychological reasons why many lovers choose the dark place when they date.
  Psychologists tell us: the more people are in the dark, the stronger the instinct in the body, the more likely to have love behavior. Moreover, in the dark place, because both sides can not see each other's expression, it is easy to reduce unnecessary alert and guess, so as to shorten the distance between both sides, have a sense of security, and produce a psychological stimulation to this unique atmosphere.
  This is because when we meet someone, we decide how much we should reveal based on their facial expressions and external conditions. We want to show our strengths, cover up our weaknesses and shortcomings, and communicate in-depth with those we don't know very well and are willing to continue our relationship with. We also unconsciously maintain a deep sense of defense. If these two people choose to date during the day, it will be more difficult to communicate, and at night, because they can't see each other's expressions clearly, just like wearing a layer of masks, when revealing their hearts, they will be more open!
  So you're more likely to have a successful date at night than in a well-lit venue during the day. Psychologists call this the"dark effect."
  Lovers in love must understand the principle of the dark effect. Choose a dark, quiet place to date. This will not only increase intimacy but also foster a sense of trust.
  However, when meeting strangers, it is best to choose daytime for your own safety, so that you can accurately see whether they have bad intentions from their expressions.