How do I get a date? Dating apps tell you not to post these

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Popular(check)and unpopular(wrong)emojis
  Making sure you look your best can be a challenge in the world of online dating, the Daily Mail reported.
  While language can be a powerful tool, it can sometimes be difficult to make sure you convey exactly what you mean in a cold mobile interface.
  Even the emojis we choose to express our feelings and emotions are enough to send the wrong signal, according to a new study from the dating service.
Emoji that women are likely to reply to
The emoji women were most likely to reply to
  In the study, the mobile dating app MM analyzed its users to see which emoji got the most responses when used to start a conversation.
  Research shows that a user's choice of emoji matters, and that men and women have different preferences.
  Women were least likely to respond to sexually suggestive eggplant emoji, as well as applauding, flexing biceps, and outstretched fists.
  Men, on the other hand, are put off by the Vulcan salute, rings, crying faces, and poop emoji.
  The team examined 90 million messages from 3 million users to see if emoji influenced people's response to an admirer's first message.
Emoji that men are likely to reply to
The emoji men were most likely to reply to
  Emoji, it turns out, seem to play an important role.MM found that women were 5 percent more likely to reply when the greeting included emoji, and men were 8 percent more likely.
  "Considering that 82 percent of our users are between the ages of 25 and 60, we were surprised to find that only 10 percent of our opening messages contained emoji," said MM CEO. Based on our findings, we suggest that singles use emoji to break the ice and increase their chances of dating success."
Possible and impossible replies
Emoji women are least likely to reply to(top row)and most likely to send(bottom row)
  The most likely emoji women were found to respond to included sassy girlfriend, hungry face(smiley face with its tongue hanging out), tongue face, Silly smiley face, smiley face, sweat drop, hands over mouth, tongue, heart-shaped eyes, Happy Devil, Sun face and close eyes emoji.
The use of emojis in dating
Emoji men are least likely to reply to(top row)and most likely to send(bottom row)
  While men were most likely to respond with silly faces, crazy faces(with one eye open and tongue exposed), tears of joy, relaxed faces, OK fingers, two hearts, upside-down faces, tired faces, closed eyes, and tongue exposed, covering eyes, kissing lips and heart-shaped eyes.
  When it came to emoji, women were most likely to send smiley faces, heart-shaped eyes, waving faces, and winking faces. Air kisses, toothy smiley faces, roses, silly smiley faces are the most popular for men.
  Finally, I want to say that the key is to see the face!