What is a first date like in different countries?

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  In order to have a romantic relationship, it's important to make a good impression on the first date. There are certain taboos that should never be touched. The survey by the millionaire dating app MillionaireMatch found first date rules vary greatly from country to country.
Dating conversation
  According to the Daily Mail, the survey involved 11 countries including France, Russia, Australia, Spain, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany, Poland, and Brazil, Summarize common rules for how to say hello, where to meet, what to talk about and how to check out on a first date.
  Even on a first date, French people kiss each other twice on the cheek, first left and then right, without hugging. The Dutch usually kiss three times in greeting, but not necessarily on a first date. If you're new to someone, say"hi" or give them a quick hug. Spaniards kiss on a first date, Poles hug. In Norway, a verbal greeting or a hug is ok. Kiss anywhere in Brazil, Two kisses in Rio de Janeiro.
  In most countries, dating in restaurants or restaurants is common, but swedes rarely do it. Most of them invite each other for coffee or beer. In Norway, people don't go to dinner on a first date. In Australia, people may choose to walk in the park. Germans and Italians have no particular taboos about where to meet, as long as both parties agree.
  France, Poland, the Netherlands, Australia, Spain, Sweden, and Norway are among the countries that insist on splitting the bill on a first date. In Russia, the person who initiates the date pays the bill, regardless of gender.
  Dating conversation varies from country to country, but there's almost one no-no: don`t bring up your ex.