The Psychology of Love every Day

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  Are in love to see, more scheming to love
  After narrowing the psychological distance between your sweetheart and yourself through the method introduced above, it's time to date. But how do you begin?"How about going to the country this weekend?"Such a straightforward invitation is nice, but for many friends, it's hard to say.
  If asking someone out for an outing feels a little out of hand, start with dinner. When asking someone out, avoid open-ended"anytime" or"anywhere" phrases. Even if the other party agrees, the actual implementation may be far away. It's best to start with a no-no proposal like, "If you're free Fr Friday night, why don't we go for drinks?"If the other person agrees, that's great. But such an invitation on a first date is most likely to be rejected. It doesn't matter, it's just a"trap" for us because rejection is our opportunity. Most of us feel bad about saying no. Then we make a relatively simple request like, "Let's go to dinner that Saturday."Your chances of getting consent will increase dramatically.
  We all feel guilty after we say no. If you're turned down for a drink, follow up with a simpler request: dinner. In order to alleviate their own feelings of guilt, most people will agree. So, one rejection isn't the end of the story, so keep it light and happy and invite a few more times. The best first request a little"harsh", rejected, and then lower the difficulty, the effect will be quite significant.
  Now, I'm going to introduce you to another request method. Instead of starting with a"hard" request, start small and work your way up.
  "There's something I'd like to discuss with you. Do you want to hear it?"If we start with this question, the other person will think, "This is a bit serious," and may not give us a chance to continue. If you say something like, "I just need three minutes to talk to you," the person won't say no because people have such a mentality, if you can't even say yes to a small request of others, they will be looked down upon. Once the other person agrees, we can take him or her to a coffee shop or other place suitable for conversation. Trust the other person not to stare at their watch, get up, and leave when the three minutes are up.
  This method of starting with small requests and gradually making higher ones is called"Foot in the door."If asking for a date such as a dinner or a movie is rude, ask for tea or coffee on the way from work. I have something to discuss. In addition, once the other person accepts our little request, it's best to design the conversation when we meet.
  Many men will give their phone number or email address to a woman they are interested in, but the reality is that even if women do get this contact information, they generally don't contact them. Because basically, women are waiting for men to ask them out. About love, women have the following two psychology: first, do not want others to think that they are very active; Second, being courted is better for oneself.
  When we ask someone out by email or over the phone, we may not get an email back right away, or no one is home and all we hear is a recorded phone call. In this case, it's best to be patient and wait for the next day to make your next move. If you're constantly trying to reach out to someone because you haven't heard back, you're probably ruining your image. When they don't get a response, many people think the other person doesn't care about them and become depressed. In practice, this is not necessarily the case.
  When leaving a voice mail message, communicate important information in short, clear language. Because phone recordings are only auditory, the bad information will be more prominent than usual, so pay attention to what you say. Be sincere and articulate.
  In addition, if the person has not responded to an email or a recorded phone call, the maximum number of calls is three. At this point, it's best to find someone else to love. If you really do not want to let go, but also after a period of time to contact, frequent contact becomes harassment.
  From a woman's point of view, if a man you don't like keeps emailing or calling you, you'd better talk to him.