Seven bad dating situations.

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dating situations
Here are seven bad date situations that make you want to run away.
  When a couple flirts and shows their affection in public, singles not far away may feel discouraged. But not all dates end on a sweet note. Russia's Woman news website has compiled a list of seven unforgivable"bad dates".
  1. About 20 minutes into the date, the man suddenly announced that he remembered to give the patient an injection and suggested that the woman come along.
  2. The boy only chose a pickling cucumber and a glass of vodka, but reached for the food on the girl's plate and smacked it with relish. Worst of all, he refused to pay the bill, but said, "Call me if you need anything."
  3. The man was crying and told the girl that he wanted to marry her and raise a family with her because his mother was worried about him. But they've only known each other for two hours.
  4. As soon as he made sure that the girl was not ready for"further development", the boy immediately turned around and left, disappearing into the crowd near the elevator entrance. The date was over before it even started.
  5. He told her that he and his friends rented a vegetable garden and would sleep in sleeping bags at night. The young man invited the girl to lie down among the grapevines and promised not to peeve her.
  6. Fifteen minutes into the date, the guy became very interested in how the girl's acne came about, even though she was already upset.
  7. The man didn't beat around the bush. At the beginning of the date, he told her that he was a psychiatrist and suggested that she take a psychological test.