These guys really don't like dating places.

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  When asked by girlfriend, "Where do you want to go on a date?"Men usually don't say where they want to go. A dating place that women find interesting is not interesting to men, and there is a feeling that it is this place again. Japan's"Women's Guide" magazine conducted an online questionnaire survey on its portal website from April 28 to May 6, and the survey objects were men aged 22 to 39 working. In fact, what are the dating places that men don't want to go to, let's hear what men have to say?
dating scene
  When asked the question of"Dating with your girlfriend, is there any place you don't want to go?",42.5%of men answered that they didn't like to go to places in line,26.4%of men answered that they didn't like to go shopping with their girlfriends in shopping malls, and 13.2%answered%of the boys answered that they did not like to go to the dessert shop with their girlfriends, and 17.9%of the boys answered that they did not like to go to other places.
  Because it was a difficult date, and contrary to the mood of women who want to go to a special place, most of the boys get bored when they see the line. Although queuing proves that the shop is very popular, queuing is a very painful thing for men. Let us listen carefully to the voice of men.
  long queue
  "I'm tired of queuing, my girlfriend is not happy, the waiters in the store are too crowded and the service attitude is not good. There is nothing pleasant."(32 years old/electrical industry/technician)
  "I feel tired just queuing, and sometimes appointments are cancelled because of the line."(35/Metal•Steel•Chemical Industry/Other)
  "When I was queuing, my girlfriend only cared about playing with her mobile phone and didn't care about my feelings at all."(23 years old/guard, security industry/salesperson)
  "The two would quarrel because of the bad mood in the long queue."(30 years old/finance・securities industry/sales・service staff)
  "It's hard to stand in long lines to buy things that you are not interested in at all."(29 years old/information•IT industry/technician)
  Because the long lines feel like a waste of time, and the date becomes boring. At this time, girlfriends should be careful not to just play with their mobile phones. When queuing up, they should interact with their boyfriends well.
  "When you ask me which things are better, as a man I don't know which is better."(31 years old/transportation·warehouse industry/technician)
  "When my girlfriend is shopping, she has to wait for a long time."(32 years old/trading company·wholesale industry/logistics)
  "My girlfriend spends a lot of time shopping, and she is not in a good mood to go shopping with her."(29 years old/medical care・social welfare/specialist)
  Women spend too much time shopping. Even if a girl is only tangled on one piece of clothing, it is also time-consuming for a man to wait. With men so vexed, why don't women go shopping with friends to buy clothes, and then wear what they like on a date?
  go to a dessert shop for sweets
  "When I was queuing in a dessert shop with my girlfriend, I hated the sight from all around me. The sight seemed to say that a man came to buy dessert."(36 years old/machinery and precision equipment industry/salesperson)
  "I can't stand the atmosphere of all girls."(22 years old/information•IT industry/technician)
  "If you eat a lot of sweets, you will get fat and you will feel bad."(31 years old/trading company·wholesale trade/salesperson)
  Popular dessert shop, frequented by women. Although there may be men who like sweets, there are also men who hate sweets, and women plan carefully before going to the dessert shop.
  "There is no place where I want to date."30 years old/financial·securities industry/salesperson)
  Among the men surveyed, there are also men who can meet in any dating place. Whether it's a long line or a visit to a dessert shop, women want to have a good date with their boyfriends. Choose a place that your boyfriend is also interested in so that the waiting time for both of you will be happier. Choosing a dating place that both of you are interested in is the key to a happy date for both of you.