You can tell a lot about his attitude from these details

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  A while ago, there was a question like"Does your love need ritual?"With curiosity, many people voted"yes" after clicking on the topic.
  In fact, the sense of ritual is a very important thing, whether, in the family or life, it is indispensable. This is especially important in love. If there is no sense of ritual, then the love is not far from the end.
  Why is ritual so important? Because it's not just a formality, it's an attitude that shows love from the heart.
  If two people love each other very much, they will want to be there for each other, looking forward to a holiday, doing something for each other, and leaving beautiful memories of your love.
  Many people do not understand others, it is difficult to see the other person's heart and the meaning of the expression. At this time, if we misunderstand each other, it is a very bad thing.
  The woman metropolis considers the overall situation, no matter how oneself, will give the man enough face. However, men are different, when they don't like a person, they are like dead fish, nothing can move their heart.
  Let's take a look at some of the little things a guy does on a date that can tell you how he feels about you, whether he likes you or just plays you off.
  The first is dating micro-expressions and little gestures men make when they don't expect them to
  Many people go on dates with only their"ears" to hear what the other person has to say. Especially women, when dating, like to listen to some of the rhetoric, also like men's duplicitous love words. In fact, what women do not know is that men's routines have been used by many women. So, when a woman goes on a date, don't just listen, observe what you should observe.
  What do women want to see? Basically see a man in the date micro expression, those changes on the face, enough to betray a man's heart.
  Women also look for little things that men do when they don't expect them to. For example, if a man looks at the time often, it means he is anxious to end the conversation, which means he doesn't want to talk about it. For a man's resistance to things, either has hurt him, or he does not want to talk to you and so on. A woman carefully observes a man, you can know whether a man really treats you as a lover.
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  Second, after the date, how does the man respond, and his evaluation and attitude to you
  We are all hopeful about dating and want to have a memorable date. Women want to make a good impression on men so that they can fall in love with each other better in the future. Men are the same.
  We all care a lot about how we behave on a date, but how we behave afterward is also very important. Why say that? Because after the date, we will chat on the chat tool, or some thanks and praise each other's words, cause each other like.
  Women take note: After a date, be sure to carefully analyze how a man responds to you and how he feels about you.
  If a man takes the initiative to contact you after a date, it means that you are still good in his heart, so he wants to take the initiative to talk to you. If you don't hear from him or call him, it's over. This man doesn't care about you at all. He's probably on a date with another woman.
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  Thirdly, Dressed me up and made all kinds of preparations before the date
  Women have the impression that many men are messy and not clean. Women also do not like such a man, more will not have a good impression. So, if a guy cares about you, he will make sure to clean himself up before the date and make a good impression on you.
  Men will also take the initiative to prepare gifts, surprise you, and want to talk about something that won't make your date boring. We all know that men usually don't clean up, except for important occasions or meeting important people, they will carefully clean up and get ready for everything. The first step to winning a woman's heart is to value your date, which is ritual.
  When women date with men, mainly through the phenomenon to see the essence of the man, observe many tiny details, often decide whether you can go on. A man who loves you, his heart is not hidden, the kind of joy and happiness to see you, in their face can be seen.
  Men are not without love, just did not meet the right person, warm their hearts, accompany their future days. Love is a very complex thing, we can not take it for granted, the heart of love can be a long time.
  Happiness is not overnight, are spring, summer, autumn, and winter and every day after. Meet your lover, be sure to cherish, long-term happiness is their own guard.