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Dating details
What should men and women pay attention to on their first date?
  What should men and women pay attention to on their first date? This is the first date, after all, so many people will value it, so the first date or to pay attention to their own image and behavior. The following is by dating sites for you to introduce the first date precautions.
  Choose a good date
  Date time to choose good, generally set in the weekend is better, everyone has time, the first date is better in the evening, you can have dinner together or walk in the park, people will not be so shy at night.
  Most people who make a first date don't know what to wear, always sway in front of the mirror for various clothes but still don't know which to wear, depending on two ways. On the one hand, the weather, you can't wear your favorite sweater to a date in the summer or your favorite T-shirt in the winter, On the other hand, you want to go to what occasion, eat the best to wear a little more formal, the walk had better wear some comfortable, watch the movie had better wear some taste.No matter what clothes you wear, you buy them by yourself, which also reflects your own vision and preferences, and you do not have to be too obsessed with the clothes, as long as it is appropriate.
  Ladies, don't rush to pay for it
  On the first date, men will generally take the initiative to pay for the bill, women do not rush to pay, you can choose to ask men back on the next date, which not only gives the man face but also provides more contact opportunities. If men don't want to pay on the first date, either stingy or don't want to develop with you again.
  Definitely never go to a movie
  Many people choose to watch a movie after dinner on their first date, which is actually wrong because most of the movie is silent and is not conducive to communication. The first date is best chosen to have dinner together or to go to outdoor public places such as the park.
  Don't be late for too long
  Many women will not want to show themselves too active, so they will try to be a few minutes late, so that the man can feel more passive, in fact, this is a bad practice, Since it is the first date, it also shows that you have a good impression of him, so don't show a little too much, if being too late will make the other party feel that you do not respect him.
  Pay attention to the form of eating
  It may be a little difficult for foodie women, after all, such requirements will be a little too much, but as a woman to learn to be reserved. The first time to meet, try to give each other a little good impression, when eating, try to maintain a good woman's characteristics, do not be too exaggerated.